What’s The Legal Process For Getting Official Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate can be described as an official certificate that proves the wedding of two people. It’s a legal document that proves the marriage was conducted by mutual consent of both partners, and that all requirements of marriage were observed. In general, couples marrying in court without the consent of their parents must have an official marriage certificate in order to establish that their marriage is legal and be protected by police.

The marriage certificate can help you get a passport visa, and work permit for overseas. Additionally, it assists with receiving benefits from insurance, family pensions as well as bank deposits, among others. The certificate is an essential document for anyone planning to marry.

In some cases, a couple’s relationship does not go as planned for both of them, and they decide to break up with each other. The marriage certificate can aid to divorce with the mutual agreement and assists in the decision of child custody, alimony, and maintenance costs.

What is Tatkal Marriage Certificate?

In accordance with an Supreme Court order in 2006 In 2006, the Delhi government introduced the instant service where you can get an official marriage certificate within in just 24 hours following the the marriage registration. Anyone who wants to obtain an immediate marriage certificates can obtain a marriage certificate using the immediate service.

The idea of an the instant marriage is comparable as the instant ticket to train. People who are looking to apply for the visa or permit to work in another country are required to present the marriage certificate in the date. The applicants for a Tatkal certificate are able to get their wedding certificates within the next 24 hours.

We can apply for a marriage certificates on-line?

Yes, you are able to get a marriage certificate online in Delhi. It is necessary to visit the official website, or go here to make appointments with DM. Once you have received the acknowledgment.

What are the required documents to be registered for the marriage?

For the marriage certificate to be issued by the courts, you will need be registered in the court. The couple will need to submit certain documents that are required for the ceremony to be registered before the court.

These documents must be provided by every wedding couple?

  • identification proof identification proof Aadhar Card or PAN Card Voter ID / Ration Card Driver License / Passport
  • birth certificate or birth certificate, also known as class 10 document
  • Address proof Aadhar Card or a certified address Evidence / Rent Agreement Rent Agreement/Electricity Bill /Household Gas Bill / Bank Passbook or Driving License / Passport

These documents must be provided by witnesses?

  • identification proof identity proof Aadhar Card or PAN Card or Voter ID Ration Card or Driving License Passport
  • Address proof Aadhar Card or PAN Card, passport size photograph

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